Friday, 6 December 2013

In which I Still Got It...

It’s my birthday today.  I’d love to say that the best present was the kisses and cuddles and bed-crumbs and 7am groin-kicks and scrambling pointy knees and elbows from the kids, but actually, it was in fact this:

from the wonderful talented Dede Gold, who I’m sure I’ve harped on about before.  And to compound its fabulousness, it was accompanied by this:

which is hilarious in its precision (put a fringe on the mother, and you’ve got me to a T).

But the most exciting thing about my birthday wasn’t the school run, or wiping (human) poo (not my own) off the TOPOFMYFOOT, or getting my hair caught in a pencil and ripping a chunk of it out of my head;  no, the best thing was discovering that – despite the poo and the sticky-up-hair and the  early-morning fights with people 1/14th of my age – I STILL HAVE IT.  

Oh yeah baby. I. Am. The. (Wo)Man.

I know this because a nice gentleman on the street told me. I was thundering past him, possibly muttering to myself, and he stepped out of the way and waved me past.  As I went by and thanked him, he said – and I quote – “Oh yes my love, you’re GORGE.”  And then, as the smell of pee wafted to greet me,  he flourished his can of Tenants Extra-Strength in the air, did a merry little dance, and fell backwards off the curb.

Oh, and happy birthday to my dear Mum too.  "Were you her best present ever?" the Boy asked this morning;  I told him I was - but possibly only because she's never been given a Dede Gold original.  


  1. Happy happy birthday!!!! Hobos and human poo forever!

  2. Love you birthday blog queen! Lucky ole Singapore

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Happy to see the detox has paid off. Dxx